White Christmas Cover.jpeg

White Christmas

by Daria

Digital download available for purchase here.

"I think this my new favorite rendition of the song. Daria’s intro of ‘White Christmas’ has never been set more appropriately than within the beginning of this Afro-Caribbean feel--chromatically rising with the temperature! The recording clarity is pristine and the arrangement is relatable and contagiously dance-able. The piano montuno fills present a musical vocabulary that is both recognizable and creative. The vocals are beautiful. What a rich, warm, lovely instrument Daria has! And that fearless piano solo is full of adventure. It is evident to me that this is a musician’s musician—a healthy balance of chops, zen, and musical warrior. It’s innovate and creative without ever abandoning the listener. It’s nice to hear the vocals taking some risks on the head out—perhaps ad libs inspired by the piano solo? Again, if the listener isn’t dancing by the time the closing ii-V-iii-VI vamp begins, I don’t know what to say. Bravo to all involved.” Kabir Sehgal, Record Producer