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DARIA is now accepting private students for 2019!

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SKYPE lessons available for students worldwide! All you need is a computer, Skype connection (free!) and a full length mirror. 


Daria directs 2 accapella groups:


Specializing in do-wop, pop and jazz arrangements.
Marin Harmony has been in existence for 18 years, formerly known as Urban Harmony. The group was founded by Ed Cohn of the Edlos and previously directed by Rebecca Jones. A prize-winning contestant at the Marin County Fair in 2010, Marin Harmony is a fun loving community who brings joyous entertainment to families, friends, retirement communities and to each other. The chorus meets every Monday night 7:15-9:15 at Resurrection Lutheran Church.

For more info about joining the chorus contact DARIA









Women’s accapella group, A DIFFERENT KIND OF BUZZ

Currently seeking one more Soprano 1 voice Contact DARIA to audition!

3-4 part harmonies for treble voices
Jazz/Pop Repertoire







Building a Bridge Between Yourself & Your Audience

Intermediate – Professional – All Styles

With Lua Hadar and Daria


Registration and Payment: Please contact Daria to register and receive instructions on making a payment via Paypal or check.




With Guitar Accompaniment


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Space is limited!

Registration and Payment: Please contact Daria to register and receive instructions on making a payment via Paypal or check.





Private and group instruction available.



For All Ages and Levels

Consultation on recording, distributing and promoting your own music.

Daria has extensive training and experience in healthy contemporary techniques of singing and all styles of popular music including Jazz, Pop, Latin Styles, Blues, Folk, R&B, Rock and more!



Daria is available to help you produce a recording that you can be proud of. 

Many Universities now require submission of audio/video auditions. Daria is available to help you prepare for and produce a professional audio/video recording to submit for consideration. 

Releasing a professional recording? Daria can work with you in studio to help you achieve your best possible performance.



Each singer has a distinct sound, set of  goals and needs. The technique I teach is based on extensive training in Bel Canto and Contemporary Vocal techniques, which helps vocalists learn to sing with ease and freedom. I strive to inspire, instill confidence and give students the tools they need to develop their own individual style and artistry as performers.

Singing is my passion and I love performing, recording and sharing my music with audiences. Teaching gives me an opportunity to encourage others, share ideas and techniques that I've learned along the way. It's an endless and fascinating journey!

    •    build your vocal power and self confidence

    •    Study powerful breathing techniques

    •    Improve stage presence and overcome stage fright

    •    Learn vocal production and articulation

    •    strengthen your voice without straining

    •    Discover and increase your range

    •    Create your own style

    •    Learn lyrical interpretation, phrasing, delivery

    •    Develop microphone technique

    •    Study ear training and basic music theory

    •    Learn how to improvise

    •    Study songs in different languages

    •    And more...

Whether you have a lot of singing experience or none, you can learn to sing with ease through the breaks in your voice. Blocks that you may have developed over the years can melt away. Proper vocal training you will open up a whole new world. It will strengthen your singing and speaking voice and give you the tools to develop good habits. As a result, you will gain a smooth connection between registers, improve pitch and tone, increase range, gain flexibility, agility and endurance." If you apply the principles I teach, you will progress much more rapidly than you ever thought possible and will gain confidence." 

If your goal is to perform, Daria will help you to create your own style, build a repertoire of songs and work towards a performance or recital to showcase your achievements.

If you are a professional vocalist and want to brush up on your skills, she will tailor the lessons to specifically fit your needs. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, she will teach you how to approach the breaks in your voice so you can sing with ease.

I also work with young children, using methods based on ORFF and Kodaly. Kids learn rhythms,  songs from around the world and get basic ear training appropriate for their age group.

Learn to sing at any age! 







A monthly Salon for Intermediate to Advanced Singers! A chance to stretch out and perform in a duo setting, get coaching, creative and constructive feedback. Take your performance to the next level! Must have charts in your key, be familiar with your tunes and ready to sing. Accompanists will range from pianists, guitarists or bassists so you'll get a chance to work with different accompanying instruments and musicians.

Space is limited!

$60 4 students minimum

$75 3 students minimum

** If you're interested in this one please contact DARIA to get on the list!



New Performance Group and Jazz ‘m Up Productions present:


Building a Bridge Between Yourself & Your Audience
Intermediate – Professional – All Styles

Taught by acclaimed vocalists/recording artists/educators Lua Hadar and DARIA

Recent comments about our workshop:

“Absolutely helpful for all performers, not just vocalists. The tips and suggestions were spot on and really paved the way for tremendous growth.”

"I highly recommend Lua and Daria for inspiring singers with the emotional content of a song, plus giving great technical tips for singing better.”

“I deeply appreciate both Lua and Daria for their combined expertise and experience in guiding me back to my soul and heart’s true desire. Thank you!”

An intensive power workshop! Get coaching from two pros in a variety of skills. Improve stage presence and learn to connect to your audience effectively! Become more expressive in your performance to make the lyrics and intention clear.  Please bring 2-3 songs with 3 copies of lyrics for each song (no handwritten lyrics please.), bring instrument if you self accompany. Keyboard is also available. There will also be a pianist available so please have lead sheets or charts in your key.


We will work on stage presence, give tips to overcome stage fright, mic technique, making the lyrics and intention clear, tips for introducing your song to the audience, self-accompanying, taking your performance to the next level.

Fee: $120
Discount: $100 for members of the West Coast Songwriters Association

Locations: SF/Novato, CA

Class size: 6 students maximum so each student receives individual attention. Students also learn from watching each other being coached by the teachers, in a supportive environment.

Registration and Payment: Please contact Daria to register and receive instructions on making a payment via Paypal or check.


Quotes About Daria's Teaching:

“Daria knows how to work with a wide range of students and keep it fun. Her extensive knowledge and experience make her one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. After many years of not singing, I have my 3 1/2 octave range back, and I am finding new strength and flexibility. The workshops that she offers give students practical singing experience and a chance to learn by performing with working musicians, as well as promoting a camaraderie among her students.” 

  - April P., Student


"Yay Daria! When I was struggling to make it through two (plus) sets of intense vocals, Daria showed me how to focus and saved my voice! Totally enhanced my vocal experience. Thank you!!"

Paul Robinson, Guitarist with The Hot Licks

“Dear Dr. Izdebski, We worked on the beginnings of getting my voice to resonate in my face, rather that "muscle-ing" it from my chest. Also, Daria used techniques to reduce the air flow in my mouth. Very similar to the tube technique that you used to overcome my diphonia.  Like magic, it reduces the diphonia.  NOW, to practice the new techniques from Daria...It is a whole new way to sing for me, but I trust Daria to lead me to healthier singing. My voice is stronger and my range has expanded. I am careful to rest my voice and sip plenty of water. Thank you both again for helping me rebuild my voice.”

- Tim Long, Vocalist


“I’m so very grateful to study with Daria privately and I participate as often as I can in her workshops. Daria is very perceptive and evaluated my strengths and weaknesses quickly so that we could use her exercises to help me sing with a healthy voice. I can now control my vibrato and sing straight tones. She helped me get my breathing under control. I’m learning to sing with a balanced voice — I always had my head voice but now I have my low notes back and I’m learning to use my chest voice. I’m strengthening my mix and I actually know what all of this means! Daria can teach any style of music and has inspired me to find my own original style! I’ve learned how to sing in different languages, mic technique, how to work with bass, guitar and piano accompanists, how to count off tunes and how to overcome stage fright. Each week I can’t wait until my voice lesson and the next breakthrough! I’m having so much fun!”   

- Elizabeth P., Student


“Daria is a great vocal instructor. I am currently 16 years old and in the 4 years that I took lessons from Daria, my vocal technique, repertoire, confidence, and singing ability improved exponentially. Daria is an expert at singing and anyone who is interested in improving their ability as a vocalist should strongly consider taking lessons from her.
When I first began taking lessons from Daria, I was only singing rock and pop. Daria, since then, has introduced me to blues and jazz as well. Now, I love all genres of music and have a personal gratitude toward each of them. Daria has been a huge part of my musical development in the last 4 years.  I’m a much better vocalist as a result.” 

- Matt G., Student


“Daria is an extraordinary performer and a gifted teacher. Having been wowed by her performances, I finally took the plunge and hired her as a voice instructor. I was impressed with her depth of knowledge and her ability to put me at ease while encouraging me to expand my comfort zone!” 

– Kathleen Simmons, Business owner


“Daria is an amazing voice teacher. She uses a proven technique and is wonderfully supportive and creative. I recommend her highly.”  

– Angharad Jones, Vocalist/Actress


"I never knew how quickly I could learn a song in a foreign language! Daria has excellent teaching/phonetic skills. Thank you!"  

- M. Benedetti, student


"I learned a lot working with you. A very informative class and taught with positive constructive criticism. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their vocal technique."

- Dana Strauss Allen, Vocalist


"Lots of valuable information. Beyond my expectations! Feeling inspired to sing the Blues!"

- Ruth Kelly, Student/Vocalist

"Daria is an excellent voice teacher - her vocal exercises have really helped my voice, and her class was a wonderful opportunity to practice with guitar accompaniment, while receiving professional advice on everything from selecting the best key to honing two songs to performance level. The Jazz Duets class was well organized and always fun!" - Michele Munro - Vocalist

“Daria is an inspiring teacher. She has an incredible understanding of how the voice works as well as what it means to be a singer. Daria can take you as far as you want to go!" 

- Miranda Bentley, Actress/Singer/Songwriter

"As a professional colleague, I enjoy coaching with Daria to keep my own pipes in healthy working order. Daria has a great ear and clear explanations of how to create beautiful vocal tone." 

- Rebecca Jones,  School of Vocal Arts

"Daria's clear instruction has helped to propel my sweet sounding voice to one of richer, deeper tone while not overworking my vocal chords. I owe my new confidence as an entertainer to Daria's unwaivering support and sensitivity to my needs as a singer. I work hard each lesson, we laugh a lot, and I learn so much each time we meet! " 

- Julie Cohn, Jazz Vocalist


DARIA, has a B.A. from New College of California. Her vocal training includes studies in classical, jazz and all popular styles. She studied with jazz greats Bobby McFerrin and Mark Murphy and trained with Seth Riggs.

She has taught at California Jazz Conservatory, College of Marin, Blue School of American Music, The Voice Studio, Marin Theater Company and Piedmont Piano Co. as well as Middle Schools in Marin and SF. DARIA has coached singers who are members of successful Bay Area bands including Bammie award winners, Avance (Salsa), Creeper Lagoon (Rock), on Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks label, the Grammy Choir and Martine (Bay TV and Mornings on 2, KTVU), Til' Dawn (Accapella), Velvy Appleton from Spark & Whisper (Folk) and Jazz Vocalist, Tessa Souter.

Daria is an ArtSmart Mentor, teaching at schools in SF, CA

Students are encouraged to record lessons so you can practice your exercises and songs. 

To inquire about voice instruction email DARIA

Daria accepts payments by check, cash and PAYPAL

All lessons are pre-paid and  must be completed within 2 months after the date of purchase.

Cancellation Policy:

24 hours notice is required by phone or e-mail for all cancellations and rescheduling.


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