Jazz Vocalist/Recording Artist/Educator


“It's a voice that utterly captivated me the first time I heard it....

...The voice of Daria in action. No matter what she was singing, embracing the balladry of Great American Songbook standards, romping through familiar pop tunes, swinging jazz riffs, dipping into the roots of the blues and beyond. And it was vividly apparent, even in her early albums, that Daria was (and is) a singer with the talent to place her in the upper levels of the jazz vocal art. 

The proof, as always, is in the tracks. Daria’s versions of the songs, arranged by bassist Sam Bevan and Daria, are sheer magic. - It’ll be no surprise if Daria’s memorable version of 'Strawberry Fields Forever, Songs by the Beatles’, really does last 'Forever’.”

- Don Heckman, The International Review of Music

An acclaimed jazz vocalist with a beautiful voice, a deep understanding of the lyrics she interprets and a strong interest in many types of World Music, Daria has been creating highly enjoyable and vital music for many years. Her latest project is a unique and inventive exploration of the music of the Beatles called Strawberry Fields Forever, Songs by the Beatles.

“I have been a big fan of the Beatles since I was a kid,” says Daria. “I feel that their music is the new standard of our time. I’ve chosen tunes that I really love. We’ve rearranged them, given them different rhythms (including Jazz, Brazilian, Afro-Beat and Afro-Cuban) and melodic structures while keeping the essence of each song intact. I think that the results are fun to listen to. Plus I’ve included one original tune, She’s Going Home, my homage to the Beatles.” Strawberry Fields Forever, Songs by the Beatles is co-arranged and co-produced by bassist Sam Bevan. While fans of the Beatles will enjoy hearing the timeless melodies in this fresh new light, those who have long loved Daria’s dynamic vocals will also be quite pleased.

Daria was born and raised in San Francisco, growing up as part of a uniquely creative family. Her mother spoke five languages, was a professor of creative writing at San Francisco State University, the Fromm Institute and is a published author. Her father was a first violinist with the San Francisco Symphony, a solo artist and slight of hand magician. “When I was six, my father started taking me to symphony rehearsals. I remember seeing all of the musicians up there on the big stage and I knew very quickly that I wanted to spend my life around music.” As a child, she had the opportunity to meet such celebrities as Danny Kaye, Phyllis Diller and Benny Goodman. Daria studied classical piano for ten years, but her voice was not to be denied. She gained early experience singing in choruses, choirs and glee clubs. A turning point in her life occurred when she was 13. She turned on the radio one day and found a station that played jazz from the 1920s and ‘30s. “I got hooked on that station and could not stop listening. I became more and more interested in all the different jazz styles and harmonies, and was blown away by everything that I listened to.” Her father encouraged her to pursue her studies in classical voice and piano, however, Daria knew that her music career would be going in a different and more innovative direction.

After a period at San Francisco State, studying acting and music, Daria began performing regularly in jazz clubs. Over time she developed her own distinctive and very original style. Daria studied improv with Bobby McFerrin, was mentored by Mark Murphy, Maye Cavallaro and studied Brazilian music with Celia Malheiros. These masterful singers helped her open up her style as an improviser and use the three octave range of her sensuous and soulful voice as an instrument. They also encouraged her to utilize the rhythms of World Music that she loved.

In 1998 Daria made her first recording as a band leader, the EP Just The Beginning. Although originally conceived as a demo, it received excellent reviews, gained international airplay and established her as a new and important artist. While Just The Beginning offered a contemporary take on standards and featured one of her original songs, Japanese Love Affair, her next CD, Feel The Rhythm, produced and arranged by Pianist, Frank Martin and seven-time Grammy nominee, Wayne Wallace, was a giant step forward. It not only featured Daria’s talents as a singer but as a songwriter who contributed three of her original songs. The title track, Feel The Rhythm, received Honorable Mention from the Billboard World Music Competition. Performing songs that were as much World Music as they were jazz, Daria’s singing sounds effortless over odd time meters and exotic African, Rhumba and Brazilian rhythms. Her intonation is perfect, and her range is outstanding. With each note she celebrates the richness of Latin and world cultures in fresh and creative ways. ,

"Five Big Shining Stars!"  - The Jazz Review

”Daria is the real deal.” - All About Jazz

Daria has received international airplay and performed at clubs and festivals in the SF Bay Area and beyond, including L.A., NYC, Japan, Brussels, Montreux and Berlin. She has shared the stage with Bob Dorough, Ricki Lee Jones, Diana Krall, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Dan Hicks, Tuck and Patti, Dave Grisman, Maria Muldaur, Joe Sample, Harold Jones, Lawrence Hobgood, Christian McBride, Abe Laboriel, Harvie S, Jose Neto, Lewis Nash, Marcos Silva, Harvey Wainapel, Wayne Wallace, Frank Martin and Alex Acuna among many others. Daria’s performances are engaging, entertaining and original, cementing her reputation as a compelling singer who erases the boundaries between jazz and World Music. 

For over 10 years, Daria toured the world as a vocalist, percussionist and melodica player for the legendary Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. She has also recorded voice-overs for radio commercials, contributes her talents in performances for the internationally renowned Bread and Roses charitable organization (which recently presented her with a twenty-five year award of appreciation).

Daria’s singing has evolved and matured through the years, growing in strength and sensitivity. “I sang 30’s/40’s swing, was in a number of jazz fusion bands in my earlier days, in addition to singing Pop, R&B and Brazilian music. For me, it’s all coming full circle and I’m combining elements of all the styles I love. I used to be very technical in my singing but now the emotion and the lyrics have become more important to me.”

Currently breaking new ground with Strawberry Fields Forever, Songs by the Beatles, Daria is joined by some of the most creative Bay Area musicians. Listeners will hear these famous songs with new insight. One can really appreciate what Mark Murphy said about the colorful performer: “Daria has all the elements of the great jazz singers - complete musicality, bravery, intense commitment to you, her listener, to give you her very best. And the voice? Just lovely, that's all!"

- Scott Yanow, Jazz Critic/Author

Daria is also an educator who has taught at many music schools in and around the SF Bay Area including The California Jazz Conservatory, Piedmont Piano, College of Marin and Blue Bear School of American Music. For more information go to her teaching page.

Recording Credits

New CD!! DARIA, Strawberry Fields Forever, Songs by the Beatles 

on Origin/OA2 Records Spring 2016

Country Blues Revue, Live "Frogville Sessions" 2013, Marc and Mike Music

“Wedding Song” by Michael Handler, sung as a duet with Daria, was nominated for Best New Country Song at the 2014 New Mexico Music Awards!   

Live at Davies Hall Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, 2012, SurfDog Records

Crazy For Christmas Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, 2010, SurfDog Records

The Christmas Jug Band! On The Holiday Highway 2009, Globe Records

Tangled Tales Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, 2009, SurfDog Records
Produced by Chris Goldsmith (Blind Boys of Alabama)

The Sky Could Send You Sherri Roberts, 2006,
Blue House Records, Produced by Harvie S.

DARIA, Feel the Rhythm 2005, Jazz 'm Up Records, 
Produced by Wayne Wallace and Frank Martin

Center of the Rhyme 2003 Lisa B, Piece of Pie Records

White Christmas, And a Songbird in a Pear Tree, Six Songs of

Christmas 2001, Flying Weasel Enterprises
Jazz Improv, Volume 1, Number 2 1999, Compilation CD

Voices for a Millennium The Stroud Project, DSVS Records

Compilation If You Believe The Stroud Project, 1999, 
DSVS Records

DARIA, Just the Beginning 1998, Jazz 'm Up Records, 
Produced by Ian Dogole


Alvarado Street Bread, KDFC, KGO, KNBR

Perfect Strings, KDFC

Commercial Spots on KCSM, Mojito Jazz, D.C. Coast to Coast 

Radio Highlights


Jazz With Bob Parlocha

In the Moment with Jim Bennett

Sunday Night Suites with Bud Spangler

I’m Talking Jazz with Melanie Berzon (KCSM)

Ear Thyme, with Doug Edwards

JazzLine, with Afrikahn Jahmal Davyes, BAJABA (KPFA)

Jane Heaven, (KPFA)



Daria is honored to be included in the following books:

The Jazz Singers, The Top 521 Jazz Singers of All Time

by Jazz Critic/Author, Scott Yanow. 

San Francisco Bay Area Jazz & Bluesicians - Volume 2  
by photographer, Jessica Levant.

Volumes 1 and 2 were recommended in the San Francisco Chronicle 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

Daria was featured with Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, in the film ‘Village Music: Last of The Great Record Stores’. Check out the promotional video and hear Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks singing at the beginning of the trailer!


Daria performed with Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks at the 45th annual Montreux Jazz Festival 2011 to celebrate producer, Tommy LiPuma’s 75th birthday!! 

Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, “Crazy For Christmas”, SurfDog Records, was on the Billboard Charts and listed in New York Times Best Christmas CDs of 2010! It was also featured on “Fresh Air", NPR in December 2010!